Here’s another boring blog post for you

While digging through some old blog posts the other day, I came across this boring blog post that I published back in 2013. (You’ll notice that a famous blogger, Jenny the Bloggess, commented on my post. This is still one of the highlights of my life.) My office space has changed quite a bit since then, so I thought I’d give you an update. This is where most of my blogging magic is currently happening:

my new office space
My laptop is 5 years old. I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t soon go the way of my desktop computer.

I still have my gigantic desk and the same old desktop computer. Unfortunately, my 6-year-old desktop computer is currently doing this:

error screen on my computer
Can you tell me how to fix this? Nothing I have tried so far has worked. I am debating whether I should just reset it to factory settings, but I can’t remember what irreplaceable files might be on the hard drive.

Plus, my office chair is hell on my back. Seriously, it’s like a torture device for me nowadays. So, my big fancy desk has become a bit of a repository for the stacks of paper that I haven’t had time to sort through since I moved last year. Also, my printer doesn’t work anymore. Talk about your decaying infrastructure!

my desk and office chair
My desk is a disaster area. That’s the offending chair in the foreground.

At least my cat still gets some use out of the torture device office chair. It was a bit of a shock just now when I went to take this picture and she wasn’t sitting in my desk chair. That’s like “her spot” now. Even though she wasn’t sitting in her spot to pose for the picture, she was posing nearby:

my cat Zelda
Say hi to Zelda. Lulu is hiding, as usual.

There are no longer any bikes in my office space, as I have actual storage space for them in my new place. That’s a plus, right?

You’re probably wondering why I am writing this boring blog post today instead of writing my election campaign coverage posts as promised. I don’t have any excuses, but here’s my reason(s): I have been super busy this past week with major back issues and also doing some actual writing. I published one of my short stories on Kindle (I’ll be making an official announcement in a separate post, but you can find it here in the meantime.)

I also wrote an eBook this week on how to make money blogging. It’s almost done, but I thought I would give my readers a little additional content by including several blogging-related posts from my own award winning blog. Anyway, that’s why I was digging through old blog posts to begin with. And then when I came across my original boring blog post, I decided you needed an update.

Is it any wonder I have such a hard time finishing anything? Anyway, if you ever find yourself stuck for blog post ideas, you should totally flip back through your blog index for inspiration. I have started a list of new posts I want to write now after looking through mine this morning. And now I am rambling, so let’s just wrap up this post for now.

What does your writing space look like? Please share in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Here’s another boring blog post for you”

    1. Thanks so much! I am still editing the book on making money blogging, but I hope to have it available sometime this week.

      I have several appointments set up with an awesome chiropracter, so hopefully my back will be better soon as well. I’m tired of sleeping on the floor!

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