It’s time for *****Drumroll, please!***** Presidential election coverage in the United States!

It’s that time of the decade again, folks… Time to start thinking about who we want for the next President of the United States of America (aka POTUSA). This time, we have an amazing cast of clowns to choose from! How will we even begin to determine who to vote for?

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It’s hard enough when you’re someone like me who doesn’t believe in voting according to party lines. If I were a Democrat, I would have only 2 candidates to choose from at this point. If I were a Republican, I would have to wade through a cesspool of 15 (I think) as of today. But I’m neither, so now I have a minimum of 17 presidential candidates to choose from. Or none, as the case may be.

How about a huge round of applause for our latest candidate – Wisconsin’s top clown – Mr. Scott Walker! (And here, I thought I was done seeing that — “DOH! — grin all over my television screen when I moved away from Wisconsin!)

The other day, I ran across this really cool website called I Side With that claims to help you determine which politician best aligns with your views on most of the issues. I thought, “Oh, how cool. Maybe this will help me figure out which of the bazillion candidates who are currently running might actually represent me as a U.S. citizen.”

So, I went to the website, took the quiz, and found out that I am most closely aligned with Bernie Sanders. Followed by several Republicans. Hillary didn’t even make the list.

But get this. I only side with Bernie on 41% of the issues. So this means my closest political match in the presidential arena thus far will only represent 41% of me. What about the rest of me? Do I vote for the candidate who is most closely aligned with my overall values despite the fact that we only agree on 41% of the issues? Or do I figure out which top 3 or 4 issues mean the most to me and then choose the candidate who is most likely to represent me on my most important issues?

No wonder most Americans just pick a side and stick with it, spouting off the pre-composted rhetoric of the party of their choice. It’s so much easier to let someone else do all of this thinking for you!

At any rate, I would really like to go into this next election feeling like I can vote for someone who actually represents me. It may be impossible considering I am apparently a ginormous weirdo who sees everything from a different perspective from every other person I have ever met in my entire life. But hey; if I wasn’t a weirdo, I’d be boring like everyone else.

Thus starts the beginning of a new series that I am calling, “If I ran for POTUSA.” In this series, I will work my way through a host of issues and tell you what I think about them. I’m going to probably piss off about 95% of you by the time I’m done. But that’s ok, ‘cause that’s how I roll, bitches.

At this point, I feel it is only appropriate to kick off my campaign with my favorite song from the band, POT USA.

While we’re on the subject (we are on the subject, right?) why is it getting so hard to find relevant content from Zemanta (see below) that doesn’t consist mainly of big corporate websites like Forbes.com? I prefer to link to the personal blogs of other writers, but they hardly ever show up anymore. Bummer. Anyway, if you know of any tricks to get those types of blog posts to populate in Zemanta, please shoot me a message on my severely outdated website and share your tricks. I really do like to share the blog love with writers like me. I’m not advertising your corporate blog unless you pay me for it.

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