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An analysis of Coming of Age in Mississippi and Herculine Barbin

It is interesting to compare two very different texts.

It is interesting to compare two very different texts.

The following is my second course autobiography that I wrote for the course I am taking this semester. I would appreciate your feedback. I am having some difficulty incorporating the required “elements of pedagogy” without making it sound forced.

The Power of a Movement

Coming of Age in Mississippi and Herculine Barbin (Being the Recently Discovered Memoirs of a Nineteenth Century French Hermaphrodite) tell the stories of two individuals whose lives are greatly impacted by the bodies in which they were born. While Anne Moody’s life is influenced by the color of her skin, Herculine Barbin’s is shaped by the presence of “abnormal” genitalia that make it impossible to determine her “true sex” at birth. One of the elements I would ask students to analyze if I were teaching these two texts is the differences the two authors faced as one of them suffers her trials alone while the other’s story takes place within the context of a greater movement. Read the rest of this page »

Are you on GoodReads?

The Mists of Avalon

To give you an idea of what I like to read (It’s an oldie but a goodie!): The Mists of Avalon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for friends to add on GoodReads so you can help me figure out what books I want to read next. That sounds completely self-serving, right? OK, so friend me on GoodReads so can help you figure out what you want to read next! Either way works for me!

I like fantasy that’s not too science fiction-y (that makes total sense, right?) If you have some suggestions for me, please add me on GoodReads and recommend away! Read the rest of this page »

Now available on Kindle! Papers: A Master Collection on the Art of Writing

Kindle cover for my new book, Papers: A Master Collection on the Art of Writing.

Kindle cover for my new book, Papers: A Master Collection on the Art of Writing.

It’s finally here! My new book, Papers: A Master Collection on the Art of Writing is now available for purchase on Kindle for only 99 cents!

There is so much content packed into this one book! In addition to all of the academic papers that I wrote while pursuing my master of arts in English with a concentration in professional writing, you also get several original short stories, poems, and a behind-the-scenes peek into my as-yet-unnamed fantasy novel in progress.

Challenge: Upon reading my creative thesis, which is contained in the pages of this text, help me come up with a title for my novel! If I decide to use your suggested title, I will send you a free signed copy of the print edition of Papers: A Master Collection on the Art of Writing as soon as it becomes available!

I am currently in the process of formatting this book for print and should have it available within the next few weeks. In the meantime, get your Kindle copy today! Thank you for supporting my writing journey! Read the rest of this page »

Wednesday Writing Prompt: Food, part 2

Small fruit and vegetable market in Ventimigli...

Did someone say, “fruitful?” | Small fruit and vegetable market in Ventimiglia near the French border. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello again. In case you missed it, last week I posted part one of a writing prompt inspired by Joanne Karpinski’s essay, “Discerning Diversity in America” from Teaching Life Writing Texts (286-291). Today’s writing assignment consists of revising your original essay from last week. If you are just now joining us, please feel free to complete last week’s writing assignment prior to reading the rest of this post.

Part Two

“Revise [your] initial essay by establishing a social context for [your] personal narrative about food. How do the preparation, presentation, and consumption of food reflect larger value systems? How do attitudes toward certain foods connect to overall values—are they consistent or contradictory? How can food be used as metaphor in [your] expanded piece of life writing?” (289-290). Read the rest of this page »

Publishing 101: Honey, that’s not how it works

This gave me a chuckle. I recently saw this comment on a promotional post on the HarperCollins Facebook page.

Publishing - That's not how it works

Do people really believe that getting a novel published is as easy as commenting on a publisher’s Facebook post and asking how much they charge? Read the rest of this page »

Writing a novel is like…

novel writing quote from quozio.com

Writing a novel is like putting together a blank puzzle on whose pieces you must paint portions of a picture one at a time while simultaneously trying to figure out how to fit the freshly painted pieces together.

What is writing a novel like for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Read the rest of this page »

Notes to myself

notes on my fantasy novel manuscript

There are more notes on this page than story!

I’ve been reading through the first draft of my fantasy novel manuscript these past several nights, and my notes to myself are taking on a life of their own. On some pages, like this one, my notes outweigh the original text.

The nice thing about letting a manuscript sit in a drawer for a while is that when you come back to it, you can look at it from the perspective of a reader. I see what’s missing now in the way a writer who is too close to her work can’t see.

I have about a hundred more pages to review, and then I’m hitting the notebook hard. It’s time to go stock up on pens! Read the rest of this page »

My take on 50 Shades

When I was a teenager – many many moons ago – I thought I was a strong young woman. I couldn’t understand why anyone would stay in a relationship with someone who would beat them up. I would never be that stupid. If any man ever hit me, I would just leave.

Then it happened to me. In the beginning, his jealousy flattered me. It was so romantic how he wanted me all to himself. He got into fights with other men who dared to look at me in public. That was fun until he started getting into fights with me when we got home because I let other men look at me. Somehow, it was my fault that other men looked at me. Somehow, I deserved to be punished for their wayward glances. Read the rest of this page »

Wednesday Writing Prompt: Food, part 1

Ready prompt at startup

Ready… set… write! | Ready prompt at startup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While reading an article in Teaching Life Writing Texts for class, I came across an interesting writing prompt that I thought I would share with you. I’m going to present this in two parts: the first will probably be one of the easiest writing assignments you have ever been given, while the second will require some thought.

Part One

“Describe a cuisine experience that was personally significant to [you]” (288).

This should be an easy assignment, don’t you think? Just reflect on a significant experience in your life that was in some way connected to food. Write an essay about this experience, share it on your blog (or in the comments below), and post a link to your blog post below. Then come back next week for part two of the assignment. Read the rest of this page »

#APathAppears: Saving the world #OneStoryAtATime

Here’s a trailer for another one of my favorite documentary series. The title is based on the following quote:

“Hope is like a path in the countryside. Originally, there is nothing – but as people walk this way again and again, a path appears.” —Lu Xun, Chinese essayist, 1921

It’s amazing what one or two people can do to change the world for so many:

“It’s important to keep bearing witness… keep telling the story.”

Think about it. You could help change the world just by opening up and telling your own story. How powerful is that?

Join the cause. Share your story. Help save the world #OneStoryAtATime.

Read the rest of this page »


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