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Coming soon: Wannabe Writer Wednesdays

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Join us for Wannabe Writer Wednesdays.

Okay, so yesterday I put out a little teaser about a new blog thing I want to do. It’s called Wannabe Writer Wednesdays, and the goal is to highlight writers who are in the same boat I am in. In other words, I want to interview writers who either haven’t yet published anything or have published next to nothing. I want to highlight the wannabes like me rather than the already famous.

Why would I do such a thing? Well, several of the blogs I follow interview writers who are already publishing. These are usually writers who are marketing a newly released book. While I enjoy reading these interviews, and have even learned a thing or two from them, I think it would be equally interesting to read about writers who are still in the wannabe stage. Misery loves company, right?

I think it will be fun to learn about the experiences of those writers who are in the same stage of the writer’s life that we are in. It’s cool to learn from people who are farther down the road. But at the same time, it may also be helpful to occasionally remind ourselves that we’re not alone on this journey.

My next step is to find a few good sports who are willing to let me interview them for this weekly series. If you are interested, please contact me via the contact page on my website.

  • Tell me you are interested in being interviewed for Wannabe Wednesdays.
  • Provide me with me your e-mail address.
  • Answer a list of questions I will e-mail to you.
  • Once you have answered the questions, return them to me, along with a picture of you and a link to your blog or other writer’s platform that you would like me to link to.
  • I will then share your answers to the questions in a future Wednesday blog post.

I’d like to start this weekly series ASAP, so please contact me today to get the process started. I can’t wait to hear from you!

~Mandy Webster

7 thoughts on “Coming soon: Wannabe Writer Wednesdays”

  1. Hi Amanda! Thank you for linking back to the interview Adrianna did with me.
    Wannabe Writer Wednesdays is a great idea & sounds like being fun. Would I still qualify? I have two novels published by small independent publishers and am far from well known. I am a fellow blogger and am hoping to build a platform from which to launch my third novel…when I get it finished!
    Thanks again,

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