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Places to write: Fiddleheads Café, Thiensville, WI

Fiddleheads Coffee Roasters - Thiensville WI
Here’s a nice view of the Milwaukee River from the dining room at Fiddleheads Coffee Roasters in Thiensville, WI.

Today I’m writing to you from Fiddleheads Café in Thiensville, WI. I first heard of Fiddleheads a week ago on the local news when the overflowing Milwaukee River was threatening to flood the café. I loved the idea of a coffee shop so close to the river’s edge and knew I had to check it out.

Fiddleheads is located in an old converted house that sits just feet away from a bend in the Milwaukee River. It’s a bit chilly to sit outside today (unless you’re here to snuggle up in a sweatshirt with hands clasped around a hot cup of coffee, then it’s perfect,) so my writer friend and I picked a large, round table inside.

The dining room where we chose to sit was a bit stuffy when we first came in, so I opened a window by our table and brought some outside in. Fiddleheads’ dining room is bright and airy, with white painted walls and lots of windows. It seems like a great place to sit and write in any season.

I arrived already fully caffeinated (silly me,) so I settled for a glass of iced tea and had a tuna sandwich for lunch. My friend says the coffee is “really good,” so I may yet end up having a cup before I go.

It’s hard to find a café that offers both good food and good coffee, all within an environment that’s conducive to writing and offers free wi-fi even during busy meal-time hours. But Fiddleheads is the full package.

This place to write is definitely a must-do-again.  Fiddleheads has additional locations in Cedarburg and Mequon, so I’m adding those to my list of places to try as well.

Where is your favorite place to write? Please share in the comments below.

~Mandy Webster

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