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Places to write: Perc Place, Hartford, WI

Mark Twain at Perc Place, Hartford, WI
I have to love a cafe that features a painting of Mark Twain on the wall.

Perc Place, located in Hartford, WI, is one of my regular writing haunts. It has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to writing, if you can manage to be there during the right time of day. The walls are covered in painted replicas of old Life Magazine covers and are accompanied by a variety of knick-knacks that always seem to provide an interesting focal point while you’re contemplating your next sentence.

Perc Place seems like a coffee shop at first glance, but its main focus appears to be the restaurant business. Don’t visit expecting to use their WiFi during busy mealtime hours, as it’s only available during their slow times. While the lack of internet access can occasionally be a pain, I find that it mostly keeps me from getting distracted when I should be writing.

I like to enter through the back door and avoid the crowded restaurant section in the front of the building. If you’re here to write, you want a cushy chair or couch cushion in the back where it’s quiet. Well, quiet-ER. The old regulars can get a little rowdy from time to time!

One of my favorite things about writing at Perc Place is the food. In my experience, a cafe that offers decent coffee usually has horrible food, and vice versa. But Perc Place has you covered on both fronts. My personal favorites are the crumbleberry bar for breakfast and the chili with a hard roll at lunch.

Hemingway at Perc Place, Hartford, WI
Hemingway also hangs out at Perc Place.

My one complaint about Perc Place? It really is a restaurant, not a hangout. Since they do not offer WiFi during high traffic hours, I have a feeling they do not want large groups of people coming in to hang out for hours at a time. I can’t blame them for wanting to focus their business model around what makes them the most money. I just wish there was a similar cafe in the area that’s a little more writer-centered. But where’s the money in that?

~Mandy Webster

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