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Poetry Friday: Saturday Scratch-off

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For this week’s Poetry Friday, hosted by Hey, Jim Hill!, I am sharing an original poem about a little girl and her grandmother:

Saturday Scratch-off

Come on, Grandma! Catch up!

I scamper ahead on
ice-slicked concrete. I am
impatient. She’s slower
than wiggly gummy worms
that will slither down my
throat on the way home from
the Stop-n-Go.

Why are old people so
slow? I run and jump and
play and even fall for
fun. I hit the ground and
bounce like a rubber ball
on a cement floor.

Grandma watches every
step, searches for ice on
every inch of sidewalk,
places each foot careful,
like she thinks one misstep
could break her.

Sunshine glints on silver,
catches my eye. I skid
across the ice, trying
to stop so I can back
up, see what it is. I
crash into a snow bank.

Grandma’s strong hands help me
up, she’s caught up to me
fast, she must have ran!

Look, Grandma, a quarter
for your scratch-off! Can I
scratch it for you this time?

~By Amanda L Webster

3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Saturday Scratch-off”

  1. What a great scene you describe here, and so true about old people being afraid of what will break them. And with good reason. But yes, frustrating for the young…. thanks so much for sharing this poem!

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