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Book Review: Pimp in the Pulpit and Pimp in the Pulpit II

Pimp in the Pulpit and Pimp in the Pulpit II by Thomas Leslie McRae are two episodic novellas that would make for some great television—not network television due to the strong language, but Netflix or Hulu could turn these stories into a first-rate original series.

Pimp in the Pulpit covers

My favorite thing about these two novellas is the conversational tone that feels like you’re sitting at a cookout next to your gossipy old aunt who always keeps you caught up on family dramas. But this old aunt isn’t just gossipy, she’s hilarious, and she doesn’t mind repeating every foul word that flew during each new altercation! The insults were one of the most creative parts of these stories, and they had me laughing and shaking my head from page one.

The only real issue I had with the stories was the constant shifting of tense from present to past. While, in some ways, this added to the conversational tone, I think it was a bit overdone. Otherwise, these books seem to be properly edited and formatted for the most part, which is sometimes difficult to find in independently published works.

I would love to see these two novellas worked over and more content added to stretch them into a longer, more cohesive, full-length novel. McRae is an up-and-coming author whose career is worth following. It will be interesting to see where he takes his stories next!

NOTE: I received free copies of Pimp in the Pulpit and Pimp in the Pulpit II in exchange for my honest review.

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