Valley of the Bees

Sustainable Arts Foundation loves Valley of the Bees!

Earlier this year, I applied for a competitive writing grant through the Sustainable Arts Foundation. The winners were recently announced, and though I did not win this time, the jurors who reviewed my application packet had great things to say about Valley of the Bees. The following comments are direct quotes from the very nice rejection email they sent:

“You’ve taken what could have been a typical dystopia story and elevated it into something compelling, clear, and uniquely your own. I love the main character, and love the clarity and subtle beauty of your writing.”

“The landscape you’ve imagined here is vivid and a pleasure to live in, and the characters feel true to themselves and true on the page, both.”

It is so validating to read such nice words about something I’ve written! Congrats to those who did win this year. I will definitely submit again next year!

Want to read Valley of the Bees for yourself? Get it today on Amazon! There’s still time to get this and other books for the holidays, but you must act fast!

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