Valley of the Bees

Valley of the Bees is now available in print!

Valley of the Bees cover image
The Valley of the Bees Omnibus edition includes all three eBooks in the trilogy and is now available in print and a variety of digital formats!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been busy. So busy, in fact, I never got around to doing an official announcement on here when Valley of the Bees released in print on March 1. Now, that’s busy!

Today I also launched a book giveaway on GoodReads, so I hope you’ll run over there and put your name in for a free signed copy of my book! A lot of people are already entering, so don’t miss out!

Where to get your copy

  • GoodReads Giveaway
  • Amazon
  • Barnes and Noble
  • GoFundMe
  • Your local library or bookseller. But, you might have to ask! Now that Valley of the Bees is available through most channels, you can stop in at your local library or independent bookseller and ask them to order it in for you. In fact, if you could ask your librarian to get it in the next time you’re at the library, you would be doing me a huge favor!

I’m so excited Valley is finally finished and ready for public consumption. Now comes the hard work of marketing and getting the word out! I would love it if you could share some of these links across social media. Thanks so much for your support!

Want to learn more about Valley’s family? Read Granny’s story for free in Her Name was Amber!

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