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Kindle Direct Publishing for children’s books is amazingly simple!

The cover of "Avery Moves."

In a recent blog post, I mentioned that my 8-year-old son was writing a book for a school competition. Since I have dabbled in publishing a bit, he had gotten the idea that I could publish his book for him with a few simple clicks, and then he could sell it and make millions. My kids have great imaginations!

Well, I don’t know about the “making millions” part, but it turns out that publishing a children’s book using the new Kindle Kids’ Book Creator really is as simple as a few clicks (once you have your PDF’ed book written, illustrated, and ready to go, that is!) Additionally, I am pleased to announce that my son’s new book, Avery Moves, is now available to download on Kindle!

There are a few different ways that you can go about publishing a book using the Kindle Kids’ Book Creator. In this case, I already had a PDF copy of my son’s book ready to go at the time that I went to publish it. So, all I had to do was convert the PDF to a .mobi file using the app that I downloaded to my PC from the KDP website, add the book to my KDP bookshelf, and voila! Book published! 

Now, one of my nieces is eager to get in on the action too. She is sitting on my bed as I write this, working on illustrations for a children’s poem that I wrote in a poetry course I took a few semesters ago. She also has ideas for her own stories. I may have just inadvertently become a children’s book publisher of books for kids written by kids!

I also discovered through this process that KDP has additional book publishing tools for “regular” books that were not available even a year ago when I published my other eBooks. I will be checking these out and perhaps using one or more of these tools when I am ready to publish my current “Papers” project (I am in the editing phase now!)

Avery Moves is currently available on Kindle for just 99 cents. Avery will receive all profits from the sale of this book.

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