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Read with me: Spring 2015 reading list

Two of the books on my reading list
I just barely managed to get these two books purchased in time to get my reading done for class this week. I’m planning to get the rest of my books from the library as I need them. Seriously, who can afford to actually buy books?

This semester, I am taking a graduate-level course in women’s life writing in an attempt to generate blog post ideas. I’ve found that I write more when I’m taking classes, so my plan is to just continually take classes for the rest of my life whether I need any more degrees or not. It’s lucky I recently landed a full-time civil servant position at a state university where one of the benefits is free tuition!

It’s also too bad you can’t eat tuition, but that’s another blog post entirely.

Since I’ll probably end up discussing some of the books we’re reading for class this semester, I thought I’d share my reading list with you in case you would like to read along:

We will be reading Teaching Life Writing Texts throughout the semester. The remainder of the books are listed in the order in which they appear on my course schedule. We started reading The Shadow Man this week. So far, it’s a bit rambly for my taste. I also identify more with the author’s mother than I do with either the author or her missing father. I’ll be writing a paper – a “course autobiography” – on this soon. I will probably let you read it when it’s done.

So, if you’re looking for a digital book club and want to read along with me, please check in throughout the semester to share your own thoughts on each of these texts. I have also thought it might be interesting to formulate some sort of blog-hopping book club, but that idea is still in the gestational period. Let me know your thoughts on that as well, if you have any. As always, my comment section is open for discussion.


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