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Finally finished my tulip afghan

Blue and White afghan blanket with tulips
Tulip afghan I finally finished last night.

I don’t get much time for crafting, so when I finally finish a big project, I feel like I’ve really accomplished something. I started the center panel of this afghan somewhere around five years ago. It was originally going to be a long pillow for the hard hearth step in front of my fireplace where my dogs loved to lay in front of the fire. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish it before we moved out of our house, and that center panel ended up in my huge plastic tote full of projects that need finishing.

Several weeks ago, I was looking for something to work on while watching TV (because I’m such a workaholic, I feel guilty about sitting in front of the TV without simultaneously DOING something productive,) and I came upon this panel. It was too pretty to let it lay in the container any longer, so I decided to pull it out and turn it into a blanket. 

The center panel of this afghan was made using an afghan hook. I then cross-stitched the tulip pattern over the center panel. For the border, I double-crocheted 10 stitches, then chained 10, repeating this pattern all the way around, making adjustments for the corners. Before crocheting the final row, I braided the chained sections together and single-crocheted around the top to hold it together.

Last night, I stitched the last few stitches, and am proud to announce that the afghan is complete. Now to decide what to do with it!

~Mandy Webster

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