Creating WordPress blog posts in Microsoft Word

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A sample picture that I attempted to add to this blog post in my Word blog post editor. It turned out that I could not even copy and paste the images from Word but had to double back and insert them from my WordPress editor.

I recently returned to blogging after a bit of a break and was surprised to find that my WordPress editor had changed in many ways that I so far do not appreciate. So this morning, I am doing a little experiment in creating blog posts using Microsoft Word. To start, I opened Word and clicked on: File –> New –> Blog Post. I am now typing this post directly into Word’s blog post editor and will test out the various functionalities to see if I like the way it publishes to my blog. (I also noticed that I have the option to open this document in Contribute, but that is an experiment for another day.)

Unfortunately, what I dislike most about the WordPress editor updates are related to how the editor interacts with my Zemanta plugin. Equally unfortunate is the fact that moving to Word will not fix this issue, as it does not appear that I can download a Zemanta Add-In for Microsoft Word. (If I am incorrect on this, would someone please inform me of how and where to obtain the Ad-In so I can get it? Please and thanks!) So, if I am going to be dependent on Zemanta for images and related content, I will likely have to add these by going into my WordPress editor and updating the post after I have published it. If you have found a way around this or know of a better way of doing this, please share in the comments below. Continue reading “Creating WordPress blog posts in Microsoft Word”


Writer’s Journal | Monday, 10/6/14, 12:07 p.m.

Sitting in the atrium of the performing arts building today. I was hoping to find an indoor table in a sunny spot, but they’re all taken. I’m writing on my lap. Maybe I’ll try the bistro in the College of Business tomorrow, but my hopes are low. My supervisor brought me a cookie from there the other day, and it was not good.

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My novel projects are going nowhere. Continue reading “Writer’s Journal | Monday, 10/6/14, 12:07 p.m.”