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My Final Paper | Teaching Life Writing as a Life Skill: Normalizing the Deviant Self via Personal Narrative

I finally finished the class I was taking this semester and turned in my 22-page final paper on Thursday. Yay! While I shared several of my earlier papers here on my blog throughout the semester, this paper is just way too long for that. So, I decided to see this as an opportunity to explore a new (to me) publishing platform that I had previously only used for reading: Scribd.

It turns out, Scribd is super easy to use. You can embed your documents right into your blog as I have done above so your readers don’t even have to leave your website! You can also charge people to read your documents on the Scribd website. I’m not going to do that with this paper, though. You may feel free to read it here in tiny text, or click through to the Scribd website or app to read it for free at your leisure! Continue reading “My Final Paper | Teaching Life Writing as a Life Skill: Normalizing the Deviant Self via Personal Narrative”


Can you pass this writing test?

linkedin jobs page
Just because you found it on LinkedIn, that doesn’t mean it’s legit!

I’ve been bugging my Facebook friends about this all day, and now it’s your turn. I ran across a job post on LinkedIn that advertised a position for an online writing teacher. It sounded like it might be something that I would be interested in, so I clicked through the link to apply on the company’s website. Instead of being led to the company website however, I was redirected to this online business writing test.

I found the test to be confusing within the first few questions. Several of the questions appeared to not have a correct answer. Others did not provide sufficient information for me determine which multiple choice answer might be correct. I muddled my way through the test anyway to see what would happen. After I hit the submit button, I received the following message: Continue reading “Can you pass this writing test?”