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Wannabe Writer Wednesday: An interview with James Hedrick

Writer James Hedrick
James Hedrick is a PhD Candidate in Political Science living in Washington, DC. He spends his days writing about politics and his evenings writing about anything but. He will soon self-publish the first book in his urban fantasy series Hell Against Texas entitled Cauldron Bubble.

Welcome to Wannabe Writer Wednesday! This week’s interview is with urban fantasy writer, James Hedrick.

1. Tell us a little about your current work in process.

I’m currently working on an urban fantasy series titled Hell Against Texas. I submitted three short stories in the universe to Sword & Laser’s Anthology (fingers crossed) and I’m almost done with the final draft of the first book in the series, Cauldron Bubble. The first draft of Book Two, Shepherd’s Crossing, is about halfway done and I’ve got a couple chapters of Book Three, Fire Burn, drafted. I’ve outlined a couple of books passed that.

2. What’s your day job?

I’m a PhD Candidate in Political Science and will soon be starting a consulting job in the Washington, DC area.

3. When do you find time to write? Continue reading “Wannabe Writer Wednesday: An interview with James Hedrick”