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Single, Never Married

I’m a dedicated Swagbucks addict, which means I participate in online surveys on practically a daily basis. As most surveys do, these usually collect your typical demographic data, such as sex, race, gross annual income, and marital status. These should be relatively easy questions to answer, but I’ve often hesitated when I came upon the marital status question. I know what the technical answer is, but I have strong feelings regarding what I feel is my “real” answer.

The marital status question typically gives the survey respondent the options of married, divorced, something regarding living with someone you’re not married to, and single/never married. Technically, I was legally married at one time, and I was then legally divorced after about ten years of said legal marriage. However, when I look back upon that marriage, I don’t feel as though I was ever actually “married.” Continue reading “Single, Never Married”


How much space does your body occupy?

I saw this video of Lily Myers reading her poem, “Shrinking Women” on UpWorthy and had to share. I have watched it like eight times and cried every time. She totally exposes the truth about what it is to be a woman in our society.


It seems to me that, while some women shrink to make room for the men in their lives, others unknowing expand in order to be seen, to prove their existence. Continue reading “How much space does your body occupy?”