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I need a new bike

Polar mountain bike.
No more mountain biking for me, I guess. | Polar mountain bike. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to ride my bike everywhere when I was younger. First it was a ten-speed racing bike (I had a crush on a senior who was into bicycle racing,) and then a mountain bike when mountain bikes were first popular. I was in great shape back then and could hop on my bike and ride to a destination 10 miles distant like it was nothing. Then I had kids.

Kids are a pain to bike-ride with until they’re old enough to ride their own bikes and keep up with the grown ups. But by the time that happens, the grown ups realize they can no longer keep up with the kids. I bought a new bike last year (or maybe the year before, I can’t remember,) so I could ride with my kids who are soon turning 6 and 13, and I hate it. Continue reading “I need a new bike”