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Don’t tell me how to feel about the weather

I deeply resent being told how to feel about the weather. The weather man tries to tell me how lovely it will be with the sun shining all day, but all I want is fog and rain. The earth is so dry, and so are my patio planters.

I borrowed this photo from Google images to use as my desktop because this is what beautiful weather looks like to me. But now, I can’t remember where I got it, and I’d really like to credit the photographer. I’m quite certain I got it on a royalty free site (because I always go royalty free.) Anyway, before I write a photo caption that’s longer than my blog post, I just want to say that if this photo belongs to you, please get in touch with me so I can link to your website!

Ninety+ degrees. I’ll complain about the heat if I like. Don’t tell me I can’t just because it will be cold soon. I’ll take twenties over nineties any day. I’m chunky, okay? Hot weather isn’t fun when your body parts stick together, and you no longer wear shorts because you’re just not comfortable showing quite that much skin. Continue reading “Don’t tell me how to feel about the weather”

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You have a right to privacy. Now, take your clothes off. In front of everyone.

Does this confuse anyone else? Teachers are supposed to protect their students’ privacy by not sharing their personal information. A teacher can’t post grades publicly or leave a gradebook open on a desk because students might see each other’s grades. Yet, we have no problem with forcing students to get undressed in front of each other in gym class.

Privacy in the classroom, but not in the locker room?
Privacy in the classroom, but not in the locker room?

We don’t want any of our kids to know what any of the other kids got on their math test because that might make someone feel bad. But, we’re ok with them knowing what color underwear everyone else wears. We see nothing wrong with making sure our children all know who has the biggest breasts or the smallest penis.  Continue reading “You have a right to privacy. Now, take your clothes off. In front of everyone.”

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Thinking about “Kickstarting” a new project

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I am disgusted with my work today. Not the teaching, the teaching is going fine. But, my writing really sucks lately. Well, not even just lately, but for the past couple of years. I spend so much time just hacking it out, making just enough money to keep the bills paid, I don’t have any time to spare to write anything that I am truly passionate about. The bottom line is, I am unhappy with what I am doing lately, and it’s time to make a change.

I hate complainers. You want to know what crosses my mind when I hear people complain? “If you don’t like your life, do something to change it. Otherwise, shut the hell up about it because no one wants to hear it.” Continue reading “Thinking about “Kickstarting” a new project”