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Pondering a lost sock on Poetry Friday

Baby socks 2

I’ll be out of the office this Poetry Friday, so I’m scheduling my weekly post a few days in advance. I’m keeping it short and sweet this week and am sharing an original poem:

Lost Sock

Here lies a sock some kid kicked off.
Imagine when she lost this sock –
In jogging stroller seat she rode,
bouncing feet while mommy strode. Continue reading “Pondering a lost sock on Poetry Friday”

Poetry, Poetry by Mandy Webster

Revisions for Poetry Friday

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Every good writer, poet or not, knows that good writers spend the majority of their time on revising and editing. Some experts say it’s 20% writing/80% revising, while others go so far as to spend 90% of their work time in revisions. For this week’s Poetry Friday (sponsored by Tabatha Yeatts: The Opposite of Indifference,) I decided to share a revised version of a poem I wrote a few weeks ago for my poetry class.  Continue reading “Revisions for Poetry Friday”


Jump City and other favorites for Poetry Friday

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Still too busy with NaNoWriMo to do much else, so for this Poetry Friday, I am sharing two final favorites from I Feel a Little Jumpy Around You: A Book of Her Poems & His Poems Collected in Pairs, collected by Naomi Shihab Nye and Paul B Janeczko. I finally finished the entire collection and must now get it back to the library!

The first poem is the title poem from the collection and was written by Harryette Mullen, pictured at right.

Jump City

I feel a little jumpy around you.
Like when I think a house has
roaches, and I watch everything
out the corner of my eye to see
if it crawls away.

By Harryette Mullen

And here’s poem #2 by Paul B Janeczko. It’s about a daughter, but I feel it applies also to sons (of which I have 2.) Continue reading “Jump City and other favorites for Poetry Friday”

Poetry, Poetry by Mandy Webster

The writer’s life on Poetry Friday

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9:47 a.m.

This is this writer’s life today on this beautiful Poetry Friday:

  • Kids dressed and fed and off to wherever it is they need to be today: Check
  • Morning walk and shower: Check
  • Breakfast and coffee: Check
  • E-mail reviewed and inbox somewhat emptied: Check
  • Facebook caught up on for the moment: Check (BTW, go check out my Facebook Fan Page and like me.)
  • Morning pages written: Check
It’s already almost 10:00. So much yet To-D0: