Another “damn rape poem”

I came across this on tumblr this morning and had to share.

“The Rape Poem to End all Rape Poems”┬áby the Rutgers University slam team:

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When we were kids, we bounced

We weren't afraid to fall when we were kids
We weren’t afraid to fall.

We Bounced

When we were kids,
we were made of rubber.
We just bounced when we hit the floor.
The harder we hit,
the higher we bounced.

We fall down now,
and we just break.

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Poetry, Poetry by Mandy Webster

Poetry Friday: Insomnia

Shut Up and Let Me Go
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I wrote this poem in the middle of the night. I’m sure you can deduce what I was doing at the time from the poem.

Dear Brain

Please shut up so I
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