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Twitter writing challenge

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In a recent blog post, author Hugh Howey said, “Can you entertain someone with a series of 10 Tweets? If you can’t, you won’t make it as a writer.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a challenge to me! So, how about it? Can you entertain your Twitter followers with a series of just 10 Tweets? Continue reading “Twitter writing challenge”

Random Writing Rants

I need to write something

Emergency "Twitter was down so I wrote my...
Emergency “Twitter was down so I wrote my tweet on paper and photographed it and posted on flickr” : Satire on internet culture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I seriously need to write something soon. Or stop calling myself a writer.

Maybe this would have made a better Twitter update than a blog post. Continue reading “I need to write something”

Facebook, Social Media

Checking in

The area in which a user types their desired s...
The area in which a user types their desired status on Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I admit it. I’m one of those people who feel the need to constantly ‘check in’ on Facebook. I’ve had ‘friends’ ask me why I do this. Why do I think people care where I am? Am I that self-centered? Frankly, I think some of the people on my ‘friend’ list who read my status updates and think everything I post is for their benefit are a bit self-centered themselves. Continue reading “Checking in”