Writer’s Journal | Monday, 10/6/14, 12:07 p.m.

Sitting in the atrium of the performing arts building today. I was hoping to find an indoor table in a sunny spot, but they’re all taken. I’m writing on my lap. Maybe I’ll try the bistro in the College of Business tomorrow, but my hopes are low. My supervisor brought me a cookie from there the other day, and it was not good.

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My novel projects are going nowhere. Continue reading “Writer’s Journal | Monday, 10/6/14, 12:07 p.m.”

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10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge: Day 8

Day 8 - 10-day-write-blog-challengeDay 8 Prompt: Post about your writing routines / rituals / habits or quirks.

One of the best ways I’ve found for me to be productive as a writer is to get up early in the morning, make a cup of coffee, and sit down at my kitchen table with a notebook first thing without allowing myself to go anywhere near my computer. As soon as I sit down at the computer, I can count on losing several hours of writing time.

If I really need to get something done in the afternoon, then a trip to the library or a coffee shop helps as well. Sometimes I just need to write in a different location. Continue reading “10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge: Day 8”

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Why not evening pages?


I started keeping a journal around the age of 12. I used to lay in bed at night and write in my journal almost every evening before I went to bed. I filled notebook, after notebook, after notebook. I kept up with this practice for almost 10 years until my (now ex-) husband decided to read my journal, wasn’t happy with something I wrote, and then proceeded to burn my journal and forbid me from writing anything anymore. Needless to say, it was not a happy marriage. Continue reading “Why not evening pages?”