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An analysis of Coming of Age in Mississippi and Herculine Barbin

It is interesting to compare two very different texts.
It is interesting to compare two very different texts.

The following is my second course autobiography that I wrote for the course I am taking this semester. I would appreciate your feedback. I am having some difficulty incorporating the required “elements of pedagogy” without making it sound forced.

The Power of a Movement

Coming of Age in Mississippi and Herculine Barbin (Being the Recently Discovered Memoirs of a Nineteenth Century French Hermaphrodite) tell the stories of two individuals whose lives are greatly impacted by the bodies in which they were born. While Anne Moody’s life is influenced by the color of her skin, Herculine Barbin’s is shaped by the presence of “abnormal” genitalia that make it impossible to determine her “true sex” at birth. One of the elements I would ask students to analyze if I were teaching these two texts is the differences the two authors faced as one of them suffers her trials alone while the other’s story takes place within the context of a greater movement. Continue reading “An analysis of Coming of Age in Mississippi and Herculine Barbin”

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Keep That Smile: The Booker Wright Story

"Finding Booker's Place" aired on Dateline NBC
“Finding Booker’s Place” aired on Dateline NBC July 15, 2012.

This afternoon, I had the opportunity to attend a presentation titled, Keep that Smile: The Booker Wright Story at Moraine Park Technical College in West Bend, Wisconsin. The presentation was conducted by Booker Wright’s granddaughter, writer and filmmaker Yvette Johnson.

Booker Wright was an African-American waiter who worked in a white-only restaurant in Greenwood, Mississippi in the early 1960’s. In 1965, he appeared in a short NBC television documentary titled, Mississippi: A Self Portrait: Continue reading “Keep That Smile: The Booker Wright Story”

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Just got back from a fabulous vacation!

A picture of the twilight river boat, docked at LeClaire, Iowa
The beautiful Twilight riverboat calls LeClaire, Iowa home.

I just returned from the most wonderful vacation, and I have to brag about it. I had always wanted to ride a riverboat on the Mississippi River (or better yet, a raft!) ever since I read Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn as a kid. So, when I was brainstorming ideas for our summer vacation this year, “Mississippi River Cruise” was at the top of my terms to Google. And I’m glad I did. The trip we took ended up being a magnificent deal, and each one of us came home more than satisfied with the experience.  Continue reading “Just got back from a fabulous vacation!”