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For the love of the discomforting novel

Cover of "Catching Fire (The Second Book ...
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I like to read a book that makes me feel uncomfortable. For example, I found the chapters of The Hunger Games that covered the actual games themselves to be absolutely excruciating. So, when I found out a couple of chapters into Catching Fire that Katniss was going to have to go to the Games again, I was mortified.

But they can’t make her go to the Games again, I thought.

I can’t go through this again, I thought.

They can’t do this to US. Continue reading “For the love of the discomforting novel”

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Did you read The Hunger Games before you saw the movie?

Cover of "The Hunger Games"
Cover of The Hunger Games

I read The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, about a year ago and loved it. But for some reason, I didn’t read the rest of the series right away. Before the movie came out, I thought it might be a good idea to finish up the book series. So, I went online to my public library and tried to put a copy of book #2 on hold.

By the way, good luck getting a copy of any of these three books from any public library right now. The books are reserved so far in advance, no library in our local consortium will have one available for the next several months.

I would buy the book, but my personal book collection has already far outgrown my tiny townhouse. I try not to buy books unless I absolutely have to, and even then, I am quick to give them away once I’ve read them.

I have a fear of turning into one of those book hoarders (like on the TV show, Hoarders,) who has books stacked to the ceilings with only a narrow walkway between the towers. Continue reading “Did you read The Hunger Games before you saw the movie?”