Annotated Bib: “Healing the Past through Story”

This week’s Annotated Bibliography entry analyzes an article by Judy Mullet, et al. who explore the concept of healing through revising personal life stories. You may view the full text here.

To be human is to have a story to tell. meme
To be human is to have a story to tell.

Annotated Bib Entry

Mullet, Judy H., Nels M. K. Akerson, and Allison Turman. “Healing the Past Through  Story.” Adult Learning 24.2 (2013): 72-78. Academic Search Complete. Web. 4 Mar. 2015.

Psychologist Judy Mullet, Ph.D. et al discuss the personal “baggage” (72) that all students bring with them into the classroom and how asking adult students to rewrite their stories within the context of a personal narrative paper can lead to healing. The authors explore current research on narrative psychology – how individuals construct stories about their lives and “self” – and discuss ways to incorporate the research into the classroom. Their research focuses on teaching adult learners to recognize alternatives to their previous stories and look at them from a new, and in many cases, healthier perspective. Continue reading “Annotated Bib: “Healing the Past through Story””