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Corbin’s poems about Far North

Cover of "Far North"
Cover of Far North

Earlier this week, my 12-year-old came home from school with a booklet of poems he’d written for his English class. They’d read the book, Far North, by Will Hobbs, and had to write several poems about the book in a variety of forms.

I was more than just a little impressed with some of the poems my son had written, so I asked him if I could share one on my blog for Poetry Friday, which is sponsored this week by Random Noodling. This is the poem he chose for me to share:

Clint (a name poem)

Could you see that plane fly by
Like a bird
In the sky
Now the plane is going down
The bush pilot Clint was never found

~By Corbin DesJardins

And I wanted to share one more. This place poem was one of my favorites in Corbin’s collection: Continue reading “Corbin’s poems about Far North”