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Bread is my DOC (Drug of choice)

Pain au levain, a French bread
You just can’t find a decent loaf of bread in most American bakeries. | Pain au levain, a French bread (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like bread. I always have. If you mention my bread lust around my mother, she’ll nod her head and say, “Yes, she always did like her bread.”

When I was a kid, my parents did most of our grocery shopping at Aldi, where the bread was mass-produced and over processed. We usually ate white bread because it was the cheapest, but once in a while, my dad would bring home several loves of oat bran bread when it was on sale and stash it in the deep freezer.

The oat bran bread was my favorite. It never lasted long, because I would sneak into the kitchen several times a day and snag a handful of slices that I would take outside with me and chew on while I wandered around the woods on our property. For some reason, I liked to pull the oat bran bread apart and roll it into little balls before I ate it.

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How to make homemade taco seasoning

My latest Pinterest find that I’ve actually tried is a homemade taco seasoning shared by $5 Dinners. Like most of the Pinterest recipes I’ve actually tried (as opposed to the seemingly millions I’ve re-pinned and never looked at again,) I only did it because I happened to be out of that particular item in my kitchen and figured I may as well buy the supplies as buy the pre-made version. To simplify, I purchased one full bottle of each ingredient and emptied them out into a big bowl. Who has time for measuring, right?

Spices for homemade taco seasoning
To simplify the process, I just used a full container of each spice to save time with measuring, etc.

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