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You have a right to privacy. Now, take your clothes off. In front of everyone.

Does this confuse anyone else? Teachers are supposed to protect their students’ privacy by not sharing their personal information. A teacher can’t post grades publicly or leave a gradebook open on a desk because students might see each other’s grades. Yet, we have no problem with forcing students to get undressed in front of each other in gym class.

Privacy in the classroom, but not in the locker room?
Privacy in the classroom, but not in the locker room?

We don’t want any of our kids to know what any of the other kids got on their math test because that might make someone feel bad. But, we’re ok with them knowing what color underwear everyone else wears. We see nothing wrong with making sure our children all know who has the biggest breasts or the smallest penis.  Continue reading “You have a right to privacy. Now, take your clothes off. In front of everyone.”

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Twelve rules for living with a writer

English: A GAUNGTO BACHELOR "I have no wi...
I wonder how this fella would fare under my tyranical rule. | English: A GAUNGTO BACHELOR “I have no wife to bother my life.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writers are notorious for being difficult to live with. Anyway, that’s the word on the writing block. I suppose I’m no exception. While I can’t presume to speak for all of us, I do have my very own list of neurotic rules that must be followed by anyone who might choose to live in this writer’s home.

  • Thou shalt not smoke in my presence. Or in my house. Or outside any open window of my house. Or inside my vehicle. Or anywhere near my asthmatic child. If you are a smoker, it’s probably best if you do not attempt to live with me at all. In fact, let’s not even be friends, okay? Because I am done sacrificing myself to other people’s vices.
  • Thou shalt… okay, this isn’t the Bible… Just… do not use kitchen table and countertop towels on the floor. Kitchen sink sponges should also never touch the floor. Once an “up-top” towel or sponge touches the floor, it becomes a floor towel or sponge. There is no going back. Likewise, do not use floor towels on my kitchen table or countertops. Furthermore, NEVER use a kitchen towel in the bathroom or vice versa. There shall be no cross-contamination of towels in my house!

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Why not #likeaboy? Because you don’t bleed from your vagina once a month #likeagirl, dumbass.

Thousands of Twitter #meninists are outraged today because Always – a company that sells FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS – had the nerve to target women in their SuperBowl ad this year. Someone obviously wasn’t paying attention in sex ed class.

Embed from Getty Images


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English Public Service Announcement: The “an” epidemic

According to, “and” is a conjunction (used to connect grammatically coordinate words, phrases, or clauses) along or together with; as well as; in addition to; besides; also.

“And” ends with the letter “d” and is NOT spelled “an.” That is a COMPLETELY different word.

English: Grammatically incorrect sign
No one will ever take you seriously when you write like this. | English: Grammatically incorrect sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I.e. “pens AND pencils,” NOT “pens AN pencils.”

This was your English PSA for the day.

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What inspired you in 2014?

The "Becky Thatcher House" in Hannib...
On my 2015 to-do list: The “Becky Thatcher House” in Hannibal, Missouri. This building is across the street from Mark Twain’s boyhood home. It was the home of the girl Mark Twain used as the model for Becky Thatcher. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, I’m late. I know. But I’ve been sick with the flu this past week (despite having had a flu shot earlier this flu season) and have accomplished almost nothing over my holiday break. Anyway, here’s my list of things that inspired me in 2014:

  • Malala: Who hasn’t been inspired by Malala? (I mean, other than the Taliban.) The world needs more young women like Malala to stand up for girls and show the world that men like those in the Taliban only want to keep women down because deep down THEY FEAR WOMEN!!
  • Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence: Survivors sharing their stories and helping victims who are in the process of making the transition from victim to survivor.
  • My therapist: 2014 was a rough year for me. It seemed like I would never find a job that would pay enough for me to support my family (my ex hasn’t paid his child support in almost two years now.) I needed steady income and benefits, which was never going to happen while I was freelancing and teaching part-time. I have kids needing braces, etc., and blah, blah, blah, one complaint after another. I was feeling really down on myself and was too stressed out about money and living to be able to focus on writing, so I decided to see a therapist for a while. I ended up connecting with an art therapist who studied at my alma mater (Mount Mary University,) and while we didn’t do any “art” together in my sessions, she totally “got” what I was going through with my lack of inspiration in my own art of writing. She pushed me to write through it, and it was a huge help.
  • The Bloggess and James Garfield’s Christmas Miracles: Check out the blog post for details.
  • Laos organic farming (among other things I’ve watched on PBS recently):

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Nightmares can be hard on the bladder

Jack Nicholson in the famous “Here’s Johnny” scene
Jack Nicholson in the famous “Here’s Johnny” scene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


That moment when you wake up in the middle of the night and realize that you really need to pee, despite the fact that you just woke up from one of those dreams that is going to force you to open the shower curtain to make sure there’s no one hiding in the tub, and then you’re afraid to step out into the hallway because you just know those creepy little girls from The Shining are standing out there waiting for you to come play with them.


What? I’m not crazy.

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Transformation is hard

Human shapes
Human shapes (Photo credit: mripp)

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It happens slowly, day-by-day, and often over the course of months or even years. If you are trying to transform your life, you can’t allow yourself to be discouraged a day, or a week, or even several months into the process. It isn’t going to happen just because you tell it to. Your new life must slowly become a habit before it can become a real and lasting change.

Don’t waste time worrying over how far you have to go or how little you might have accomplished by today. Instead, wake up each morning and ask yourself, “What can I do today to be a better person than I was yesterday?” Maybe that means you will eat one less cookie today than you did yesterday. Maybe that means you will write five more words today than you did yesterday. Or maybe you will decide to say one less curse word or be just a little less cranky with your kids. Whatever it means for your life, just think how far you will have gone a year from now if you continue to be a little bit better each day. Continue reading “Transformation is hard”

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We all have the same amount of time, just different priorities

a stack of library books
I have a lot more time for reading since graduation and go to the library at least once a week now.

One of my students started out this semester complaining about how much work she has to do in my class. I cannot even tell you how many times she said, “I don’t have time for this” on the first day of class. She was oblivious to her classmates glaring at her as if they wanted to ask if she truly believes she is the only person who has a life outside of school.

As the semester progresses, this same student keeps asking me if she really has to do all of the practice lessons or if she can only turn in the graded assessments and skip everything else. I am honestly sick to death of hearing it.

This week, I finally told her, “Look. It’s your choice. You do what you have to do. If you fail your assessments because you chose not to complete the practice lessons, then you will have to suffer the consequences.”

“I don’t have time for this.” Continue reading “We all have the same amount of time, just different priorities”

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And this is why I should vary my headlines

Photo of newspaper headlines about polio vacci...
Perhaps I could put a bit more thought into my blog post headlines. | Photo of newspaper headlines about polio vaccine tests (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Random thought:

I just noticed my last two blog posts both ran with headlines that began with the words, “This is why…”

Should I write a whole series of “This is why” blog posts so it appears that I did it on purpose? Continue reading “And this is why I should vary my headlines”

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Are all writers slobs, or is it just me?

Clothes for poor people
Most of my regular clothes come from other people’s giveaway bags. They look very much like this. | Clothes for poor people (Photo credit: Maarten Utreg)

I can’t get dressed until after I’ve eaten. On mornings when I have to actually get dressed to go to work, I get up, shower, and put on fresh pajamas. I eat breakfast and have my coffee. I put my work clothes on about five minutes before I actually leave the house, so there’s no danger of spilling anything on myself.

When I buy clothes, I don’t buy clothes just to wear around the house. I can only justify the expense of new clothes when I’m buying them for work. My work clothes hang on one side of the closet. When a shirt gets too ratty for me to wear to work, I shift it to the other side of the closet into my regular wear wardrobe. I don’t eat while wearing my work clothes, ever. Continue reading “Are all writers slobs, or is it just me?”