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You have a right to privacy. Now, take your clothes off. In front of everyone.

Does this confuse anyone else? Teachers are supposed to protect their students’ privacy by not sharing their personal information. A teacher can’t post grades publicly or leave a gradebook open on a desk because students might see each other’s grades. Yet, we have no problem with forcing students to get undressed in front of each other in gym class.

Privacy in the classroom, but not in the locker room?
Privacy in the classroom, but not in the locker room?

We don’t want any of our kids to know what any of the other kids got on their math test because that might make someone feel bad. But, we’re ok with them knowing what color underwear everyone else wears. We see nothing wrong with making sure our children all know who has the biggest breasts or the smallest penis.  Continue reading “You have a right to privacy. Now, take your clothes off. In front of everyone.”


Why varying word choice should not extend to #dialog tags

As writers, we all know the importance of varying our word choices. However, regardless of what your middle school language arts teacher might have taught you, this concept should not extend to dialog tags.

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Your dialog tags should never be more interesting than your story!

If you’re like me, you have probably had at least one English teacher admonish you for overusing the word, “said” when writing narrative. That teacher probably asked that you instead switch it up and use dialog tags such as, “he replied,” “she moaned,” “he argued,” and “she admonished.” While this might have been appropriate for a middle school English class, it is absolutely incorrect for a novel. Continue reading “Why varying word choice should not extend to #dialog tags”

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I have a stalker

I don’t particularly enjoy airing my dirty laundry in public. But as I am often fond of saying, you can’t fix a hole in the floor by throwing a rug over it. Sometimes you have to expose a problem to deal with it. So, that’s why I’m here today, writing to you about my stalker.

You can't fix a hole in the floor by throwing a rug over it.
You can’t fix a hole in the floor by throwing a rug over it.

A few years ago, I made the mistake of dating someone who lived in the same apartment complex that I lived in. It was a relationship of convenience. I had no money to pay my heat bill, and his house was always warm. The guy was a good cook, and I like to eat. I had no cable, but he did. So, the long weekends spent getting used to not having my kids with me every other weekend while they were at their dad’s went a little bit faster. Besides, the whole thing really pissed my ex off, which was a huge plus. In fact, I probably would have broken it off with this dumbass a lot sooner than I did if my ex-husband had just minded his own business. Continue reading “I have a stalker”

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Is your novel stuck? How to write your way past the flashing cursor

One of the most important lessons I have learned about novel writing is that the worst thing you can do when you’re stuck is to sit and stare at a flashing cursor on a blank page. In my experience, when I have done this in the past, the longer I stared at that cursor, the more stuck I became. Instead, I have learned that the only way to get unstuck is to write through it.

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This may sound like a crazy idea.

“I’m stuck,” you’re thinking. “How do I write through it when I can’t think of anything to write?” Continue reading “Is your novel stuck? How to write your way past the flashing cursor”


If my opinion offends you…

Have you ever gotten into a debate in which you ended up feeling like the only way the other person would let it go is if you just stopped insisting on having an opinion of your own?


What if someone’s argument was, “You obviously don’t understand what you are talking about or you wouldn’t feel that way.” Continue reading “If my opinion offends you…”


Human beings are weird

Human beings are weird meme
Human beings are weird. We spend our whole childhoods learning not to be our weird selves, and then we spend most of our adulthoods trying to find ourselves.

So why not cut out the middleman and just let our children be who they are? Go be your Weird Self. What if that’s the only thing standing between you and happiness?

#beyourweirdself Continue reading “Human beings are weird”

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Writing a novel is like…

novel writing quote from
Writing a novel is like putting together a blank puzzle on whose pieces you must paint portions of a picture one at a time while simultaneously trying to figure out how to fit the freshly painted pieces together.

What is writing a novel like for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Continue reading “Writing a novel is like…”