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Book Review | Canine: A #werewolf story with a twist

I recently did a book swap with author Kaitlin Bergfield at the Bloomington Public Library’s local author fair, where we were both featured authors.

Canine by Kaitlin Bergfield

The book summary for Bergfield’s novel, Canine, piqued my interest right away. The premise was really unique, and that’s hard to find! Werewolves are everywhere in fiction these days, but this story comes with a twist (a few of them, actually!) In most of these stories, the average werewolf character is a human who happens to turn into a dog sometimes, usually around the full moon. But the protagonist of this story chooses to live life as a dog. And not just any dog, but as a pet dog!

Everything changes when this pet dog’s latest owner comes home unexpectedly and finds a strange, naked man in his home in place of the giant, yet gentle dog he left behind. The strange naked man, who goes by several different names until we finally get to know the “real” man behind the dog, has no choice but to expose himself for what he truly is.

After a few short months of living in human comfort, the canine realizes the gig is up. The mafia-like werewolf society he’s been hiding from the past decade has finally discovered his whereabouts, and they are none too pleased that he has revealed to his roommate that werewolves really exist. The canine and his new best friend make a run for it, and that’s all I can tell you without spoiling the book for you.

I really enjoyed this book and hated when I had to put it down regularly to go to work and other such nonsense. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel and hope that you’ll check it out too!

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