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How to give your books away on #Rafflecopter

Current book
You can enter to win a free copy of “With Envy Stung: Valley of the Bees #1” for a limited time. | Current book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My marketing plan for Book 1 of the Valley of the Bees eBook serial is moving right along. I got a small pop of pre-orders that assured me of a spike (however tiny) in sales on release day. The final manuscript for book 2 is almost ready to be uploaded, so I went ahead and set up my pre-order pages for that book so I could add links to buy at the end of Book 1. And now that Book 2 is available for pre-order, I’m ready to give away several free copies of With Envy Stung: Valley of the Bees #2 to keep the ball rolling!

Now, you might be asking why in the world I would want to start giving away free copies of a book that just released two weeks ago. Lucky for you, I like sharing what I’ve learned about book marketing, so I’m going to tell you why! It’s very simple, really. A book giveaway at this point will do two things for me (I hope):

  1. Draw more attention to Book 1
  2. Hook readers who may not have considered paying real money for the book so they WILL consider paying for the upcoming books in the serial. If they like it enough, they may be willing to shell out even more money once the print edition is available!

How to run a book giveaway

Running a book giveaway can be a total pain in the you-know-what if you try to throw it together on your own. I’ve seen a multitude of book giveaways on Rafflecopter, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I signed up for a free account, set up my giveaway, and BAM! I’m ready to toss around some free books! You should go check out my giveaway if for no other reason than to read my terms & conditions, which are kind of funny on their own. Or maybe they’re only funny to me. I don’t know. I tend to find myself way more amusing than other people do!


The setup was really simple, and my Rafflecopter widget looks clean, easy-to-complete, and ready to go. So then, I followed the instructions for embedding this thing in my blog post, but for some reason, it just keeps showing up as a link rather than showing my full widget. Maybe it will show up when I publish. I guess we’ll see when I hit the publish button, eh?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

At any rate, the giveaway is live first thing tomorrow morning (September 14, 2016). I hope you’ll check it out and maybe enter to win a copy of my book. You can even earn an entry just by commenting on this here blog post!


So yeah, it turns out that the widget won’t show up on your blog if you’re using a free version of WordPress (which I am.) But you can still enter the giveaway here once it’s live.

I WAS able to embed the widget on the homepage of my book website, which was super simple! You can check that out at

I am still having issues with getting the widget to update on my Facebook page. I am hoping that the problem is that the giveaway isn’t live yet. For now, I’m giving up and going to bed. I’ll check on it again in the morning once the widget is live. Wish me good luck!

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