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Book description, Book 2 of Valley of the Bees #VotB

I am currently working my way through the process of finalizing my manuscript for With Envy Stung: Valley of the Bees #1 so I can upload the file to my retailers. It is an arduous process. My latest task was to convert my manuscript to an ePub file so I could read through it on my phone. You wouldn’t believe the errors I caught just by looking at the book in a different file format on a different device!

Valley of the Bees Logo
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Anyway, this afternoon I am working on a description of Book 2 so I can add some marketing copy to the end of Book 1. This is the description I am working on for marketing book two in my Valley of the Bees series:

Would you read this book?

When Valley realizes her Uncle Jacob has stolen something very precious from her family, she knows it is up to her to return to Tellarton to retrieve it. The existence of her family’s precious beehive hangs in the balance, along with the future of her family and the farm that has now expanded to make room for Reyna, Junior, Liam, and their families.
But, Valley’s friends won’t allow her to take on her Uncle Jacob alone. Junior vows to take back the town of Tellarton, while Reyna and Liam insist on coming along to look out for Valley. The romantic interests of Valley’s three best friends only serve to further complicate the situation as she is pulled in multiple directions on her quest to determine the best path for her own life while simultaneously saving her family and her honeybees.

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Don’t forget, you can still preorder VotB Book One for only 99 cents at the following links:

The price of this eBook will return to its regular $3.99 when the book releases on September 1, 2016, so be sure to snag your copy today!

3 thoughts on “Book description, Book 2 of Valley of the Bees #VotB”

  1. The description is great! It tells enough without giving anything away, and I’m intrigued enough to give it a shot! Great work and keep it up! – Emily

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