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Planning the final book in a series

A friend of mine is sketching out some ideas for the cover of With Envy Stung: Valley of the Bees #1. What do you think?
A friend of mine is sketching out some ideas for the cover of With Envy Stung: Valley of the Bees #1. What do you think?

I don’t remember having this much trouble writing the outlines for books one and two. I’ve made a list of all of the loose ends that need tied up, and now I am trying to figure out how to tie them together. It’s getting very complicated!

I thought I was ready to publish book one, but as I play with all of these loose ends, I think maybe I’m not ready after all. What if I need something to happen in book three that won’t work due to something I wrote in book one? I won’t be able to go back and revise it once it’s published!

Maybe I need to at least have a first draft of book three before I publish book one. I want to start my pre-launch of book one, but what if I don’t have it ready in time? What if I think it’s done, but it’s not? I have thought it was done many times throughout the process, only to find that it still needed more work.

What if, what if, what if? Sometimes – a lot of times – writing is just a whole lot of “what ifs!”

Sometimes that can be a good thing, but other times, it can be a total pain in the ass! “What ifs” can help you come up with amazing story ideas. But at the same time, they can hold you back when you really just need to move forward. And I need to move forward with getting book one published. But at the same time, I don’t want to jump too soon.

How do you know when you’re ready?

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1 thought on “Planning the final book in a series”

  1. I’m writing a 5-book series. Years ago, long before publishing the first novel, I decided to write and write and write and get as far into the series as I could with first drafts or outlines. I revised book 1, plunged into book 2, and promptly discovered that I needed to set up, in book 1, certain events occurring in book 2. THEN I realized that I needed to set up the location for final climax in book 5, and happily found that I could do it in book 2. So far in book 3 I haven’t found anything that relates to any of the other books that I haven’t thought of before. I know what happens in book 4 and the additional characters that my protagonist will meet. I know basically what happens in book 5 leading up to the final climax, but alas, I haven’t yet chosen the outcome of that climax. I probably won’t choose it until I’m there. Every writer has a different process. Clearly, mine is to write as much down as I can before proceeding to publication! 🙂

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