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Wednesday Writing Prompt: If money were no object

For this week’s Wednesday writing prompt, I came up with one of my own. Here’s your writing prompt for the week:

If money were no object…

And my shot at it:

If money were no object, I would buy a big old Victorian house with a wraparound porch and a wooden deck off the back overlooking the woods. Maybe there would be a lazy stream ambling through the woods, with all manner of wildlife to watch from the deck.

I would only need a bedroom, a sitting room, and a bathroom for myself (for some reason, I am imagining this happening after my kids have grown up and moved on) and my cat. We would live at the top of the house, and I would turn the downstairs into a sleepy little bookshop/café. Money would be no object, so I would be happy for it to not be a busy business. In fact, if it were too busy, that would defeat the purpose of my master plan.

In the morning, I would get up and cook whatever baked concoction I was in the mood for at that day. (As I write this, I have a blackberry lemon loaf in the oven. I hate to cook but love to bake!) I wouldn’t need to make much since my shop isn’t that busy. Who wants to spend that much time in the kitchen anyway?

Blackberry Lemon Loaf
I can’t make just one loaf when I own two loaf pans. Where’s the sense in that?

I’d get the espresso bar cranked up and ready to go for my morning rush and then chat with my neighbors as they stop in to get their morning cups on their way to work. On the weekends, my good friends and neighbors would get their cups and stay, lounging around in the giant stuffed couches and arm chairs that are scattered about the place.

My customers could read the magazines for free and not worry about spilling a bit of coffee on them once in a while. They could settle in with a book and buy it if they feel compelled to take it home to finish it that night, or they could place it back on the shelf with a bookmark in it and come back to finish it the next day.

I wouldn’t care, because money would be no object. In fact, maybe I’d just give them their books and coffee for free!

After the morning rush, I’d settle into my favorite comfy settee or a lounge chair out on the deck with my own latte and lemon loaf. I’d pull out my notebook and pen, place them on my lap desk, and scribble the rest of the morning away with my cat curled up beside me.

my cats
I have two cats now, but ideally I’d only have one. (The gray one technically belongs to my younger son. If I technically only have one cat, I’m technically not a cat lady, right?)

At some point, I’d get up and make myself a sandwich. If there was anyone else around, I’d make them a sandwich too. We’d chat over our lunch about the books we were reading and the stories we were writing. When the food was eaten, one of them would volunteer to wipe up, and I would get back to my writing, or maybe spend the afternoon reading a book.

At the end of the day, several days a week, I would host some sort of book club or writing club. We would have a potluck for dinner, and I’d percolate a pot of coffee and set out the day’s bakery leftovers. We’d put our heads together and generate a wealth of ideas.

At the end of the evening, they’d volunteer to sweep up and help with the day’s dishes. As they left, my cat would wind herself around my legs to remind me that it was time to climb the stairs to the top of the house for the night.

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1 thought on “Wednesday Writing Prompt: If money were no object”

  1. Kids are at school, I’m at work, but the heart is somewhere else…perhaps I’m one of your customers who stops by to chat and feel how dry leaves and warm loaves of blueberry bread help quiet my day.

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