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Wednesday Writing Prompt: Never Lost

300 Writing Prompts
This is my new book of writing prompts.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had recently purchased a book titled, 300 Writing Prompts and that I would be sharing some of my own attempts at the prompts in this book. Here’s my first little ditty. It’s not very long because I kept it within the allotted space in the book. You can write longer if you like. Please feel free to share your own responses to the prompt in the comments below.

Writing Prompt

When was the last time you got lost?

I don’t really get lost. I sometimes take a wrong turn or miss my turn, but I always have a good idea of where I’m going. Even if I’m in a new place and not exactly sure of where I’m going, I know how to head in the right direction and eventually find my way. If you have confidence in your ability to get yourself where you need to be, then you are never truly lost. Eventually, you will find your way.

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