Corbin, Memoir

An update on my “semi-famous” son

My son and I were invited to attend the Homecoming kickoff assembly at his high school Monday morning. While he’s not officially back to school yet (It will be another month before we find out when the doctor will release him to return to class,) he enjoyed stopping by the school and soaking up his fifteen minutes of celebrity status in front of the entire student body. Here’s a video:

Yesterday, we visited the opthamologist and learned that Corbin is definitely 100% blind in his right eye and that the damage is permanent. He is also having some pain in his jaw that is making it difficult for him to eat, and he has lost quite a bit of weight. However, aside from that, he seems to not be suffering any other long-term damage from his accident. We left the hospital a week and a half ago with zero controlled substances. He really hasn’t even been taking any Tylenol or Ibuprophen for pain!

Of course, the news about my son’t permanently blind eye wasn’t what I wanted to hear. But it’s hard to be too upset about it, considering how much worse things could have been. I mean, come on! My kid was hit by a semi truck and spent just a few weeks in the hospital!

I’m especially happy that Corbin hasn’t lost his quirky personality or sense of humor. He is now referring to himself as “semi-famous.” That’s my boy!

2 thoughts on “An update on my “semi-famous” son”

  1. So glad to hear Corbin is making such a good, solid recovery! He’ll continue to heal. I’m sorry that the blindness in his right eye is permanent. He’ll find his own way to deal with, and work around, that, I’m sure. He sounds like a great kid.

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