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Book Review: Spinster by Kate Bolick

Spinster by Kate BolickIn this fascinating memoir, Kate Bolick turns the history of women and marriage in America as I learned it completely on its head. According to Bolick, much of what has been spouted as truth by the  mainstream these past few decades  turns out to be false. Not just false, but one bald-faced lie after another.

This text so resonated with me, I could not put it down. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way about a book, and I have to wonder what has changed in me since my early 20s that I now find it so hard to relate to the characters in the books I read the way I used to. Why is no one writing about strong women whose lives do not revolve around “the question of when to marry and who?”

The “awakeners” of Bolick’s life story are exactly the type of female characters that I long to create in my own stories. Yet there seem to be so few examples to follow.

I, like so many of the strong women I have known, caved in to the social pressure to join the “vast majority” despite having a “spinster wish” of my own from a young age. I then spent the next ten years of my life living in abject misery, and for what? Because I live in a society that sees me first and foremost as marriage material?

It’s taken me almost four whole decades to even begin to debrief from the societal  brainwashing that began long before I was even conceived. Like Bolick, I too wonder, “Are women people yet?”

Should you read this book? A million times, yes.

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