What now?

Kungsleden hiking trail, in Swedish Lappland, ...
This looks like a nice place for an adventure. | Kungsleden hiking trail, in Swedish Lappland, just over the Teusa lake, south of Kebnekaise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So now, I’ve finished all of my annotated bibliography entries and have written all of my required papers this semester except for that one huge final that just won’t fit into a blog post. It’s a relief, but today I’m panicking a little because… NOW WHAT WILL I PUT ON MY BLOG?!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.

On one hand, repurposing content is awesome because you can kill your proverbial two birds with one pen. You gotta write a paper anyway, so why not post it to your blog too, right? On the other hand, my annotated bib entries have been admittedly dry at times. (I find them interesting, but do my readers?) The truth is, they haven’t received a huge amount of traffic compared to some of my older posts.

When I look at my daily and weekly stats, I see that a two-year-old five paragraph essay on my dream career STILL gets more hits every single day than all other posts on my blog combined. My second-place posts are generally posts I have written about various places I have travelled to. So, what does this tell me about what I SHOULD be blogging about?

Personally, I think the 5-paragraph essay thing is an anomaly, but otherwise, it looks like I should be writing about travel. The only problem is, I am broke and see very little travel in my near future. If only I could find a rich patron to sponsor my art!

It’s a writing blog, and I write about the world. But it’s hard to be interesting when your life consists mainly of getting your kids back and forth to school, going to work Monday through Friday, and spending your weekends cleaning house or taking walks on a free hiking trail down the road.

It’s that age-old – well, as old as the blogging age, anyway – question of how to keep your blog posts fresh and interesting when you don’t feel very fresh and interesting yourself. Maybe what I need is a new adventure. Got any suggestions for me?

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