Wordle your blog

Here’s a cool blog post topic you can feel free to steal from me. I was playing around with Wordle this morning and thought it might be fun to see what words it would pull from my blog. Here’s what I ended up with:

wordle made from my blog url on 12-18-2014


Some of the words that showed up in my wordle were expected (write, writer, writing, trashy,) but there are a few of them that I don’t remember ever using on my blog. There are also a couple of words I thought would take some prominence that didn’t show up at all (somehow, I got “cows” but no “CAT?”)

Want to copy me? Go to and plug in your blog URL in the second box. Then click “submit.” (If Java is properly installed on your computer: mine needed updating,) then your very own blog wordle should appear (you might need to click “run” to enable Java to create the wordle.)

Next, click on the “print button.” However, instead of printing, save the wordle as a PDF file.

Once you have saved your PDF, then you will need to convert it to an image so you can share it on your blog. There are a few different ways you can do this. I opened the PDF file, then clicked file à save as à image à JPEG. And there you go. Your wordle should now be ready for you to share it on your blog.

If you like, please feel free to share a link to your very own blog wordle in the comments below. Then tell us, what words surprised you in your wordle?

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