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2014 NaNoWriMo Trashy Romance Challenge: The end is nigh

Epilogue of Samuel Johnson's Irene' by Samuel ...
A cheesy epilogue is a great way to boost word count if your manuscript is still a little light once you have wrapped up your story. | Epilogue of Samuel Johnson’s Irene’ by Samuel Johnson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is the day. I hope you are close to 50,000 words. You have until the end of the day today to hit that final word count goal and write your hero and heroine into their happily ever after.

Writing assignment

If you have managed to write your story through to its completion already but still need a few more words, then spend today writing an epilogue.

Epilogues are common in trashy romance novels and usually consist of a scene that takes place exactly one year after the ending of your actual story. Oh, and there is usually a three-month-old baby involved. Because of course your heroine got pregnant on their wedding night.

Your epilogue should also wrap up any loose ends that you might have left and explain the logistics of things like how your New York City lawyer and Montana rancher decided where to live and how they could each continue their former careers despite moving someplace that is the complete opposite of where they came from.

Wrap it up, people! Get it done!

1 thought on “2014 NaNoWriMo Trashy Romance Challenge: The end is nigh”

  1. I like epilogues – if you’ve invested a lot of time reading about and getting to know a character, then you want to know how all the loose ends got tied up at the end and what their immediate future holds.

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