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NaNoWriMo Writing Prompt: Rock ‘n Roll Zombie

rock n roll zombies
In case you wondered, this is the image that launched today’s NaNoWriMo writing prompt. I saw it on Facebook. I don’t know who it belongs to. If it’s yours, please let me know so I can add an attribution and throw you a link from my site.

What do you do if you want to participate in NaNoWriMo this year but you don’t know what to write and trashy romance novels just aren’t your thing? Why not try a writing prompt? I came up with one this morning that is completely different than the romance novel prompt I gave you a few days ago. If you like zombies, this one might be right up your alley!

Zombie Writing Prompt

An aged rock ‘n roller can certainly look like a zombie. What if his seemingly drug-addled television interviews are really a result of his zombie-fied brain? What if his “handlers” (every rock star has handlers, right?) keep him supplied with brains to eat in order to keep him in line so he’ll continue to make money for them? What if you were a precocious young reporter who was sent out to interview an aged rocker only to learn that your fluff piece just turned into the story of your career?

By the way, I think it would be awesome if several of you would run with this idea and let me publish the results. Also, click here if you are looking for additional inspiration on your quest for 50,000 words.

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