NaNoWriMo, Novel Writing

Get to know your characters a little better

Yesterday we had some fun with our trashy romance novel characters. Today we will get to know them on a somewhat deeper level (okay, maybe not too deep. Just one level deeper than yesterday.)

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So, you have figured out what your two main characters don’t like about each other on first impression. Now let’s think about how you can develop these two opposing characters into people who might believably come to like one another later in the novel. Maybe the slick lawyer secretly loves dogs and has a pregnant pooch back home in NYC that she’s worried sick about. Perhaps the grumpy cowboy is secretly writing a business plan that will turn his failing family ranch into an organic vegetable farm that will supply several high-brow restaurants in the nearest big city.

Remember, most of these types of romance novels tend to have a few essential elements in common:

  1. The hero and heroine have good reasons to not like each other in the beginning. Each of them has his or her own agenda, and that agenda appears to conflict with the other person’s agenda.
  2. They have an intense physical chemistry that they try to ignore because they know they are not a good fit/they want different things in life.
  3. They eventually learn that their individual agendas aren’t so different after all. In fact, it might turn out that what each of them really wants is actually a great complement to what the other person wants.

Pre-writing assignment

For each of your two main characters, dream up a secret side that will charm the other character when he/she finds out about it. Be as cheesy as you please. It’s all in good writing fun!

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