Writer’s Journal | On fighting mice and terrorism

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Noon o’clock

I suppose if I’m going to do this, I should at least attempt to write something worthwhile rather than just rambling on about whatever random nonsense crosses my mind while I’m sitting here digesting my lunch and waiting for it to be time to go back to the office.

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But what to write about? It is so hard to get back into the blogging habit once you have fallen out of it. Maybe I could blog about current events. Something controversial that will attract readers who will argue with each other in the comments section.

Let’s see.

It is getting colder outside. Mice are trying to invade my new apartment. I killed one with a broom the other day. I’ve since spent about $60 on anti-mouse paraphernalia. I’m not sure any of that really counts as current events, does it?

I totally lost track of what was going on in the world while I was moving and starting a new job. As I began to rejoin day-to-day conversations and watch the news again, I noticed that all of a sudden everyone was living in fear of ISIS. I thought Isis was a goddess. Someone help me catch up here.

Or not. I’m finding I actually kind of enjoy living in the dark when it comes to terrorist threats. When you live in fear, the terrorists win. That’s why they are called “terrorists.” Inciting terror is their primary goal. If you live life as though terrorists do not exist, then you keep them from achieving their primary goal.

By failing to keep up on current events, I am fighting terrorism.

So yeah, today’s attempt at a blog post devolved rather quickly. But hey, at least I am writing. And this time I got a little bit closer to writing about writing, which is kind of the main point of this blog. If I keep it up, I’ll eventually write *something* worth reading, right?

What do you do to get back in the habit of writing after a break? Please share in the comments below.

P.S. I still don’t like what’s going on with Zemanta and WordPress right now. I like to have more control over the size and placement of my images. 😦

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