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Free novel idea: Three-Quarter Classified

A Novel Idea
Let me lend you a novel idea. | A Novel Idea (Photo credit: Jennifer Pickens)

I don’t know about you, but I get far more novel ideas than I could ever hope to write in one lifetime. I get so many story ideas, sometimes I just let them fly by and disappear into the never-written without ever bothering to stop and write them down. This morning, while reading a blog post on generating story ideas, I couldn’t help wondering if someone out there might one day be interested in taking one of my extra ideas and running with it.

Right now, I have four different novels in progress that I am determined to complete before starting any new projects. My notebook of new ideas is filling up as fast as my novel notebooks are. I couldn’t possibly write all of these novels, even if I lived three extra-long lifetimes. So, why not share some of my extra story ideas?

This morning, I am sharing one novel idea and would like to invite you make it your own. At first, I wondered how I would go about making sure only person writes it (that is assuming that more than one of you will even be interested.) Then I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if several people wanted to write the same story, and then we could publish them together in a series?

Think about it. Even if 47 different writers were to decide to take my story idea and write a novel about it, no two of those stories would be the same. We would all bring our own unique backgrounds and experiences to the project. For example, in my story idea, there is a vague mention of a supernatural power. I haven’t thought the story through enough to determine exactly what that power might be. Just think about the many different directions this one story element alone could take.

One writer might go hardcore on the supernatural power idea, creating a magical fantasy world for the protagonist, while the next writer might choose to cut that part out altogether and place the story in the “real world.” Different writers may choose to explore different time periods, different themes. Maybe someone will decide the protagonist should be a male rather than a female. One might write a full-fledged novel, while the next would write a novella, or a short story, or even a poem.

Now, I know I am making a huge leap assuming anyone will be interested in this idea at all, let alone a whole slew of writers. But I happen to be the queen of big ideas and wishful thinking. If I were to set my imagination free without ever considering what is likely to actually happen, I would imagine several people picking up this idea and writing awesome stories from it. The next step would be for me to work with the authors to edit the stories and prep them for publication. I would publish the novels as a series (because one of my other crazy dreams is to start my own publishing company,) they would be a huge hit (of course!!) and we would all take a cut of the commission. We’ll be stars!

Okay, so maybe I’m letting my imagination run away with me a bit. It could still be a fun experiment. Why are you looking at me like that?

Of course, this idea is just a seed. I have to remind myself every day that I am idea rich and cash poor. Most of my ideas will never go anywhere. But who knows? Maybe one day one of them will take root and flourish.

Anyway, my first story idea is a bit bulky to post here on my blog, so I have added a section to my other website where I will post all of my free story ideas in one place. I posted my first story idea (tentatively titled, Three-Quarter Classified) this morning and plan to add more as I have time. Please note that many of these story ideas will be in freewrite form, so they will be rough. They will also be vague at times, which I think is good because it just leaves more room for you to make it your own. Please check it out and let me know what you think. And if you’re interested in writing the story, I say go for it!

~Amanda L. Webster

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3 thoughts on “Free novel idea: Three-Quarter Classified”

  1. Hey, a great idea. I might just take you up on your offer and work with one of your ideas. I read the first one posted, and it may be fun to tackle, once I wrap up my current WIP and a couple of short stories that are begging to be written. I’ll stay in touch. 🙂

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