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Did you write a novel this season?

Cover Image - NaNoWriMo Gone Wild - The Quest for 50000 Words
This is a current draft of the cover for my NaNoWriMo project.

Earlier this year, I started my Write Your Novel this Summer Challenge, which then morphed into Write Your Novel this Season. While I did manage to complete a full draft over the summer, I am still working on my fall novel. Considering I am only three chapters in, I am kind of doubting I will finish it by the first day of Winter (December 21st.) However, I have managed to get into a regular writing routine, so there are no worries here. Looking back, I see that I have made great progress over this past year.

I spent the early part of 2013 writing a 90+ page creative thesis that would net me an A for the final semester of my Master’s level professional writing program. I graduated in May, found and lost a job (that, looking back, I am happy didn’t work out). I was unemployed for the summer but spent a lot of that season traveling and spending time with family members I hardly ever get to see.

As I mentioned above, I wrote a full first draft novel that I am currently revising. I also wrote a full memoir/writing manifesto-type manuscript for NaNoWriMo, just to prove to myself that I could write 50,000 words in one month. I am even considering publishing it and offering it up for free downloads.

One of my major writing goals has been to get myself to the point where I am always writing one new draft while revising a previous draft. I am there now. My next big writing goal is to always have one new first draft in progress + one prior draft in revisions + one newly published book in marketing. I am confident that, as long as I continue to write every single day, I will have no problem meeting that goal over the next year.

Since I did complete one full manuscript this season, I am making the executive decision to call that my new first draft for the fall season. Even though it’s not the novel I intended to complete this season, it’s nothing to scoff at. With the progress I have made outlining and drafting the first few chapters of my new WIP, I am confident that I can finish this one over the winter season. With that said, here are my writing goals for this upcoming Winter season:

  1. Complete a first draft of my current WIP (tentatively titled “Demons of the Night”)
  2. Clean up and publish my NaNoWriMo project
  3. Finish revisions on this past summer’s novel and begin prepping to release it come spring

My long-term goal is to get to the point where I can publish one new novel each and every season. That way, I will have a constant stream of “product” going to the marketplace.

What are your writing plans for this new season? If you would like to join me and write a first draft of a novel this winter, please “like” my Writing Challenge Facebook page and look for updates on both that page and here on my blog. Please also share your thoughts on your latest project and post a link to your writing platform so we can look you up.

~Amanda L. Webster

Update 1/10/2014: NaNoWriMo Gone Wild: The Quest for 50,000 Words is now available for Kindle download. Click Here to get your copy today!

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