Every day you write, you are a writing winner!

nanowrimo completion certificate
Here’s my official NaNoWriMo completion certificate. If you “won,” be sure to get yours too!

Now concludes NaNoWriMo. If you wrote 50,000 words this month, you officially win. If you didn’t, that doesn’t mean you lost. Did you write more than you normally would have? If so, you win!

Now, for some last minute housekeeping: Have you completed your NaNoWriMo profile page?  If not, you should. I would especially like to see you share an excerpt from your project so I can read it. Also, be sure to “buddy” me while you’re there!

Once you have updated your page, please share a link in the comments below. Let’s all check out each other’s work and congratulate each other on a month well writ!

Now, I am off to participate in a December writing challenge in which I have vowed to write *something* every single day in December, Holidays or no!

~Amanda L. Webster

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