Getting a late start on NaNoWriMo

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It’s Day 7, and I have changed my mind. I am doing NaNoWriMo after all. There’s nothing like waiting a week to decide you want to write 50,000 words like everyone else. I have been sitting here reading blog posts about everyone else’s NaNo projects and feeling jealous. And making excuses for why I couldn’t do it too.

Then I got an idea. I finally looked myself in the computer screen and said, “Shut up with the excuses already. Sit your ass down in that chair and start writing.”

So, I am doing it. I am starting NaNoWriMo today, seven days in, and on my birthday, no less.

I am tentatively titling my NaNo project, “My NaNoWriMo Distaster: A Half-Assed Memoir.” It is going to be one long freewrite, with no rhyme or reason, and no resolution to the story other than hitting 50,000 words. In fact, when I get to 50,000, I am going to stop the freewrite and type, “The End” even if I am in the middle of the most exciting passage I have written all month.

Okay, if it turns out I am typing the most exciting passage of the month, I will type, “The End,” and then keep writing. I promise, I’ll try not to leave you hanging.

I am excited. I am already at 1,646 words as I am writing this blog post. I can do this. I have removed all of the pressure of writing a good story and will simply concentrate on writing 50,000 words. I got this. So do you.

Anyone care to join me? Please share your NaNoWriMo progress in the comments below.

~Amanda L. Webster

9 thoughts on “Getting a late start on NaNoWriMo”

  1. This sounds like a good plan! And Happy Birthday, too! I might try the same thing with a writing project and see what happens. I have a couple of projects sketched out with outlines, maybe a scene or two. I think I’ll just go to one that I can feel still percolating and see what ends up on the page. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I love that idea! This is my first year doing NaNo and I actually put off starting something for a few months so I wouldn’t be smack in the middle of it come Nov. 1. So glad I did. My thoughts matured more, I did some minute planning and I am 17k words in as of yesterday. Good luck! Happy writing!

    1. I’m almost up to 5,000 words after a long morning of freewriting. I kind of like what is coming out of me this morning, but I wonder how it will vary from day-to-day. For example, I’m in a chipper, smart-ass kind of mood, and am writing mostly humor today. But will my freewrite turn depressing on a sour-mood day? It will be interesting to see where it goes! Good luck!

  3. What a great idea… World’s longest free write! I do free writing every morning (Artist’s Way – morning pages) but, I had never thought to do an entire NaNo project. I bet some amazing ideas come out of this. I’m at 19,139 words as of yesterday and will be forcibly making myself write again this evening. Good luck to you! (buddy me on NaNo – LaVieDansante)

    1. I always *want* to do morning pages but seem to have a bottomless bucket of excuses for why I can’t keep up with it for more than a couple of days in a row. My main goal for this project is to call BS on every excuse I try to make this month.

      Btw, I just buddied you. Yay, my first NaNo buddy! Good luck to you too!

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