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Tuesday writing prompt: Pride

Day 34 - Essay and Notes
It’s time to write an essay! And no, that’s not me in the picture. It’s just a generic Zemanta image of someone I don’t know. | Day 34 – Essay and Notes (Photo credit: Auntie P)

Hello, all. It’s week two of my Tuesday afternoon English Composition I course. I have promised my students that we would be doing a lot of writing in class this semester, which in turn means I need to come up with some writing prompts for them. Since I’ll be generating writing prompts each week anyway, I figured I may as well share these prompts with you!

Today we begin our discussion on the steps of the writing process by covering prewriting and thesis statements. The plan is to have my students write one essay, step-by-step, over the next couple of weeks while we learn about the steps of the writing process.

With that in mind, today’s writing prompt is designed to get them (and you!) to think about and generate raw material for an essay on the topic of pride.

Today’s Prompt

What is pride? Is it a virtue or a vice?

Spend about fifteen to twenty minutes scribbling your ideas down, and then share them in the comments below. –OR— use the raw material you generated to write a personal essay about pride. Then post your essay to your blog and share a link in the comments below.

~Amanda L. Webster  

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday writing prompt: Pride”

  1. Pride is what one feels before reality strikes. Pride is self-delusion. Pride is fleeting. Pride is transient. One’s pride is in direct proportion to not knowing of anyone else who is more deserving of pride. Pride in oneself does not encourage pride in others but pride in others can encourage pride in oneself. Pride should never be followed; it will occur at the least expected moments. Pride is like class; you either have it or you don’t. To be proud even when faced with disrespect is better than to be proud for encouraging that disrespect. We are proud of those who know how to be proud of others. Pride is a weapon of destruction or a catalyst for change. One person’s pride may be another’s shame.

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