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Summer Writing Challenge Check-in: Week 5 | I just don’t know how to say no

my new kitten lulu la gata
This is my new baby kitty. Her name is Lulu La Gata. (La Gata is Spanish for “the cat.)

I should consider changing my Friday Writing Challenge Check-in series to “This Week’s Excuse for Not Writing.” Seriously, people, if I keep this up, I’m going to have to stop calling myself a writer. Maybe I should change my title to “blogger” since I can at least manage that.

Anyway, last Friday I headed out to Illinois for a huge family campout (huge as in somewhere around 60 to 70 family members showed up.) Of course, I brought my notebooks. Of course, I was too busy camping and visiting with family to write in them.

We camped until Sunday morning, then went to my parents’ house for a couple of days. Then I made a stop at my sister’s house a couple of hours north of my parents. I was planning to come home Wednesday, but she begged me to stay another day since she was off Wednesday and we could actually hang out and see each other. Once school starts, I’ll hardly get to see any of my family at all until next summer, so I couldn’t say no.

I didn’t get home until yesterday afternoon, just in time to take my son to his softball game. I spent the rest of the evening unpacking, doing laundry, and trying to put my house back together. You would think since I left the house clean, there wouldn’t be so much to do. But when we came home, we dragged in a whole SUV full of stuff and tossed it everywhere.

Did I mention I brought home an extra kid and an extra cat? Yes, I not only decided I needed a second cat, but I also decided to bring one of my nieces home with me for a visit. Hurray for not knowing how to say no. Ever.

The only writing I managed to accomplish was the other night when I lay in bed at my sister’s house and tapped out a couple hundred words in a G-Note on my phone.

So, my writing progress for this week:

  • Novel: I added 0 words, for a grand total of 68,607.
  • Memoir: I added 214 words, for a grand total of 4,695.

I WILL write next week, I WILL.

How are things coming along with your novel? Please join the Write Your Novel this Summer challenge and join the conversation on our Facebook page. Or, simply comment below.

~Mandy Webster

10 thoughts on “Summer Writing Challenge Check-in: Week 5 | I just don’t know how to say no”

  1. I feel your pain. I have a tag on my blog called Life vs Writing, for all the times when life just gets in the way. 60 family members?! I’m not sure we could get double-figures in the same country (we’re a small and scattered group). It sounds amazing.

    1. It is pretty cool. My dad has 11 brothers and sisters living. All of them have kids, and several now have grandkids as well, not to mention the step-kids, etc. All but 2 or 3 of us still lives in the state of Illinois. If the entire family had made it, we would have had over 100 people!

      1. Goodness! I have a couple of Aunties and Uncles but only one I see regularly. My only sister lives in the States (I live in UK) and my husband’s sister lives in Italy! We Skype.

  2. I think it is much harder to stick to writing schedules in the summer – there is so much else to do and the weather is so nice! Thanks for the link. Good luck for the next week of your writing!

  3. Today, struggled to manage revising an unwritten poem in my head while working. I hadn’t felt so creative in a while, the pure energy of this one for some reason. But trying to do my job while managing this semi-epiphany felt like torture. But, on my lunch break I wrote it in my sketchbook and felt like I could breath again. Anyway, heading up north tomorrow, and so I am able to maintain respect for myself as a writer I have committed to take all of what is written in my legal pad (pretty much filled), polish it, and write it into my existing novel. Hold me to it…I need to commit. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Have a great week!

    1. Oh, I know how you feel. I am constantly wanting to sit down and get thoughts on paper while kids are bouncing all over, wanting something. Hope you have a relaxing vacation. Keep writing!

  4. It’s a funny paradox that traveling to visit family, for me, inspires my writing (because of the travel part) while leaving me no time to actually write (due to the family part). But family members always provide such delightful details to add to characters in the novel, so I guess they pay their way. Oh, also plus I love them. Most of them. Usually. http://superherounderpants.com/2013/07/26/dispatch-from-the-river-washed-clean-and-not-just-the-angry-bird-underpants/

    1. It’s the same for me. I am slowly writing personal stories as I think of them for a future memoir. Being around family sparked so many memories. I should have carried a notebook around with me all weekend so I could at least write myself a quick sentence to help respark each memory later when I had more time to write. Why am I just now thinking of that idea? Argh.

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